You're Invited To

Launch Your Dream Course

...You have something special to give...

If you're here, I imagine you:

Have a calling to share your gifts and use your voice for the purpose of uplifting others

Desire to be financially empowered  AND do what you love everyday

Are tired of pushing, forcing or sacrifice and are ready to let it be easy and step into a feminine way of living and being

I believe the time is here for women to stand up and share their gifts.

To RISE as teachers and leaders and share their VOICE.

I believe in women being financially empowered. To thrive in their life's work, and to do what they LOVE everyday.

And I believe it can all be done with ease and with grace:

From the comfort of your own home.

On your own schedule.

From anywhere in the world.

This 4-week program will support you to develop your mission, write your story, and launch your ideal offering in the world.

You'll learn the skills to design and launch your dream course.  

While this program is geared to support you in launching an online course, the  same principles can be applied to an in-person program or retreat.

Designed for Women on a Mission


Discover Your Why, Your Mission and the Message You Wish to Gift to the World

Write and Own Your Story of Transformation

Refine Your Branding in Alignment with Your Heart's Truth

Design and Refine Your Highest Offering into  an Online Course, In-Person Retreat or Program

Cultivate Self-Love by Honoring a Feminine Way of Being & Living

Connect Deeply To Your Life's Vision and Move Beyond Your Fears

Move Through Financial Blocks and Limiting Beliefs that Have Been Holding You Back From Claiming Your Sovereignty

Sell Your Divinely Guided Offerings with Authenticity and Connection to the Heart

Align and Open to Receive Financial Abundance  Through Sharing Your Life's Work

Design a Workshop that Can Be Offered In-Person or Online

Own Your Innate Power As a Feminine Leader

...Refine Your Life's Highest Contribution...

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"All of my creative dreams have come through with Meredith's guidance.

She's the light that burns alongside you as you walk the path to feminine leadership, casting out your fears and helping you find your own flame. With her support, I went from skating the poverty line to meeting my income goals in my 1-1 healing and coaching work, selling out 6 retreats and 2 group coaching programs. She's helped me reach hundreds to thousands of women across the globe, and showed me that what I thought was impossible was actually my destiny. My deepest bow to you Meredith! " ~ Karen Prosen, Guide for Your Spirited Life

The Curriculum:

Each call is specifically designed for you to  step more fully into your voice as a leader and teacher

Call 1: Explore the Possibilities and Discover Your Why

Create the space for your calling and tune into your larger vision for yourself and the world

Discover what you believe in and develop the mission behind your ideal offering

Tap into feminine essence to honor ease and grace in your business 

Call 2: Lay the Foundation and Write Your Story

Connect to the ideal person you wish to serve through your offering

Learn about how to conduct market research around your big idea 

Write your story and speak to the heart of the person you most want to serve

Call 3: Outline Your Content and Design Your Offering

Outline the foundation of your course or offering  (and discover how the masculine  can be of support to a feminine way of being)

Create the structure for your promotional content + learn the online tools and systems to  share your offering

Design a free webinar or workshop that will lead into your course

Call 4: Prep for Launch and Sell from the Heart 

Learn about building an audience around your big idea

Map out your launch plan on the calendar (this part is so fun and makes it all so real!)

Learn how  to sell your offering from a place of service from the heart

You'll Receive:

Four 90-minute Live Video Coaching Calls (6 Total Hours of Coaching Time) ($1200 value)

Members Portal for Live Call Recordings and Materials  ($250 value)

A Private Online Community Forum  ($250 value)

...Total: $1700 value...

Live Calls Begin Wednesday, June 7th

Join us For Four Weeks in June: 7, 14, 21, 28 at 4 pm Pacific.

But what if I can't make the live calls?

Don't worry, all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the members portal. You can even submit your questions in advance and watch the call recordings at your own pace.

Sister, I want this to be easeful and accessible for you to join us, so I decided to price the program with two easy options:

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 one time payment:

Or a monthly installment plan:

"Coaching with Meredith has opened me up to believe in myself. It's helped me realize that I am capable of creating anything I desire. That I deserve it + that there is so much waiting for me. It's also given me the tools to take my dreams and creations and turn them into a successful business and joyful life. " 

~ Devon Loftus,   Wildling Woman, San Francisco, CA

"With Meredith's support, our herbal cookbook got printed, our first print run sold out and we are in the midst of our first online herbal cooking program with 30 students!

I now have the  confidence to move forward and step into my dreams."

~ Sarah Kate,  The Great Kosmic Kitchen, CA

This Program is For You if...

You desire to earn more money doing what you love  

You have a deep desire to give back and make a difference in the world

You're ready to take your mission to the next level and reach more people in your work

You're ready to share your voice and your gifts on a bigger platform 


You thrive in a supportive and uplifting community  of other women

You respond well to structure and accountability

You feel inspired to express, step up and be seen and live as your highest self

It's Probably Not a Good Fit if...

You're looking for a training to 'get rich quick'

You're skeptical of new concepts and ideas

You aren't interested in  investing in yourself and your business to grow

You make  excuses for why you can't have what you truly desire

Your Guide

I believe the time is here for YOU to RISE as the woman you know you are. To be spiritually and FINANCIALLY empowered to thrive in your life's work...

But I know starting a business can often feel like a struggle. 

It wasn't until I launched my first online course that I was able to expand my audience to reach women all over the world and have my first 5-figure month doing what I loved.

Launching online offerings has literally changed my life and overturned my whole perspective of what I thought was possible...

What I share in this course is what has allowed me to  fully live a life in alignment with my divine purpose and mission.

This is what I want for you.

I've spent the last three years refining these principles and guiding many others in developing their own online courses and offerings to fully LAUNCH their life's work into the world. 

In addition to leading online courses, I've led an international women's leadership retreat in Bali, Indonesia and am about to publish my first book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India. You can also learn  more about me at

Are you ready to join us, sister? 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW DO the online calls work?

We will meet on a video-call platform called Zoom once per week over four weeks for 90 minutes. This is  where I will be offering that week's teachings and opening the group for discussion and Q&A. The day after each live call the recording will be uploaded to the members portal where you can watch at your own pace. You can also call into Zoom if you prefer to not use video.


The program includes four 90-minute calls. This is where the core of our work will be done. You will be able to take notes and I will offer one or two specific prompts after each call for you to work on your own. Spend as much time as your heart desires on these prompts.

Like any program or course, what you put in will be a big part of what you get out of the program. I also want you to know I specifically designed this course to be easy to follow with the most essential steps for you to take to launch a successful program. I am all about honoring a feminine way of approaching business, so my intention is never to overwhelm you with unnecessary material. My intention is that you feel a sense of ease throughout the process.


Great! The call recordings will be uploaded to the members area and emailed out to you the next day. You can catch up with us at your own pace and you can email questions in advance to throughout the program if you'd like them to be addressed on the live calls. You will also be invited into our facebook community where you can share about your insights and discoveries.


I invite you to think about the value about what you are going to create from doing this program. My clients go on to earn thousands of dollars through the offerings, courses, retreats and programs they design and launch with my guidance. My intention is that  you leave having the confidence to launch your offering and  earn back your investment over and over again.

I have gone on to have $10k+ launches for programs when I have followed these principles, and while I can't guarantee this for you, I am offering you all the resources I have used for you to take the next step. And I truly believe that as long as you continue to share your voice and your message in the world, you will always have what you need.

What Makes this Program Different Than Other Online Business Programs?

I want to be clear that this  is not a 'get rich quick' program. I will provide support, guidance and structure for you to birth your own creative offering. My intention is that this offering will be completely unique to you!  While you will be given information about online tools and systems to use for your course, the majority of the course content guides you into becoming the woman you know you are, and then teaching and leading from that place. I'm not going to overwhelm you with tons of information you can't even get through, but rather provide the most essential tools that have worked for me.

 We are here for each other in a live coaching space so you can be  supported in community to take the next steps towards your dreams.

We will honor a feminine way of being and living so you can rise as the woman and leader you know you are.

"Meredith shows  a model of how we can be successful in business as we redefine how we do business, making it more compassionate, giving, and regenerative.

I chose to work with Meredith because she had an ease and a trust that never felt pushy and did not play on feelings of insecurity like so many service-offerings do.

I had convinced myself that I was overwhelmed and confused about my business. I look back now after all I have learned from and with Meredith and realize how much that was my fear. I am not overwhelmed. I am not confused. I know who I am, what I have to give, and who I would feel blessed and honored to work with through my business. It was just scary to really lay claim to those things and to take the steps to make them real.

Meredith made space for all that is part of being an entrepreneur, the practical, the spiritual, the emotional. Working with her I was able to name my business, define my message and style, launch successfully generating 3K in my first month, and map out a longer term vision for my services.  "

~ Ellen  Roggemann of  Wild-Still, Petaluma, CA   ~ Read more client stories here


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In service to you sharing your beautiful voice and gifts with the world.

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