You're invited to:

A 7-month feminine leadership initiation & high priestess sisterhood

Step into your greatness

Embrace your divine feminine power

Become your highest self

This October I'm inviting 12 devoted women to awaken their feminine essence and birth their highest contribution in the world


Do you have a deep desire to expand

A yearning to more fully express yourself?

A desire to give back and serve

A knowing that deep down you are regal?

Sister, you are ready to claim your sovereignty.

:: Designed for the Rising Woman Leader ::

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(adj.) regal, autonomous, powerful, boundless, free (n.)  a devoted queen

In this sacred feminine leadership program we will:

Lay a Sovereign Foundation of Self-love 

Deepen Spiritual Connection, Practice, and Embodiment of our Highest Selves

Honor Sacred Service and the Contribution of Our Soul’s Highest Potential

The Curriculum:

Each month includes:

+ a wisdom teaching audio recording
+  a live high council sisterhood video call
+ a private coaching session

+  a live guest mentor video call


October: Root Chakra: Foundation

Connect to your higher self through guided meditations and journaling

Clear the clutter from your home and make space for your dreams

Learn ancient practices for self-love and body wellness


November: Sacral Chakra: Femininity

 Tap into creativity, sensuality and feminine essence

Learn practices to connect to the womb

Experience a womb healing with our guest mentor Marin


December: Solar Plexus: Worthiness

Shift your relationship to money and own your self-worth

Learn the art of feminine abundance  and manifestation

Increase inner magnetism for prosperity


January: Heart Chakra: Love

Find joy in your relationships, learn practices for deeper communication

Honor your vulnerability, invite romance into your life

Deepen connection in sisterhood


February: Throat Chakra: Voice

Speak your truth & honor your voice with authenticity

Write & share your story, learn practices for singing & speaking

Refine your service & contribution, become the leader you know you are


March: Third Eye Chakra: Inner Knowing

Refine the vision for your life, tap into intuition

Honor spiritual essence through meditation

Write your dreams, step into devotion


April: Crown Chakra: Connection to the Divine

Learn about initiation, rite of passage

Deepen connection to a higher power and step into your highest self

Experience a closing ceremony to be witnessed in sharing your vows to yourself and your sacred contribution in this life

The Program is now full! Fill out the form below to be added to a waitlist for our next circle.

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The Art of Feminine Abundance

This Program Offers You:

Deep connection in a supportive group of sisters over seven months

Ancient feminine practices and rituals to align with your highest self

One on one guidance with Meredith for  personalized support, accountability and actions to step towards your dreams

Teachings on feminine essence and the art of feminine abundance  to create greater trust and collaboration with the universe

Body wellness practices  to activate inner power and heal the womb

Support to own your worth and step up as the feminine leader you know you are

You'll Receive: 

7 High Council Sisterhood Calls

7 (75)-minute Private Coaching Calls with Meredith

6 Wisdom Teaching Audio Recordings 

6 Guest Mentor Video Calls  

Access to the Rising Women Leaders Resource Library 

An Initiation Ceremony to Claim Your Sovereignty  

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we join together to begin Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Note: All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the members portal in the case you miss a call.

For a limited time, join us.

Space is limited to 12 women for a space of deep intimacy and sisterhood

The Program is now full! Fill out the form below to be added to be the first to know about our next circle.

When you request more info you will receive the program guide and have the chance to set up a time to speak with  me.

Bonuses Include:

+ A Private 90-Minute Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Session with Michael Zeligs to Clear Old Patterns and Limiting Beliefs

+ An Online Facebook Group For Sharing Between Calls

+ A Reading List of Books to Awaken Your Highest Self

+ An Accountability Sister  to Deepen Connection Throughout the Program



Guest Mentor Guides:

Each month we will hear a wisdom teaching and Q&A with each of these amazing guest teachers.

Marin Bach-Antonson, Womb Healing & Activation

Jillian Anderson, Abundance & Permission to Prosper

Ashley Burnett, Voice & Leadership Embodiment

Faye Wylder, Breathwork Alchemy & Magdalene Transmission

Karen Prosen, Becoming the Vessel

Luna Love, Intuition, Vision & Leadership

Feeling the Call?


You're ready to tap into an inner joy, magnetism and feminine way of being and living in the world

You have a deep desire to give back and make a contribution with your voice, gifts and talents

You're willing to be real, authentic, vulnerable and share your true self

Something inside of you is calling you into your greatness


You thrive in a supportive and uplifting community  of other women

You're ready to live with intention and integrity and hold yourself accountable to your word

You feel inspired to express, step up, be seen and live as your highest self


You're skeptical of new concepts and ideas

You don't believe in investing in yourself 

You make  excuses for why you can't have what you truly desire

Your Guide

The feminine is awakening and more and more women are being called into their greatness.  

I believe the time is here for YOU to RISE as the empowered woman you know you are.

We need more women sharing their voice and stepping into their sovereignty while honoring the feminine path. 

 But I know it's  not always easy, and fear and doubt often comes up along the way.

I truly believe coming together in a sacred container of sisterhood like this one will support you through the blocks and take your life and contribution to the next level.  (No more playing small!)

We are joining together to honor and see each other as our highest selves. To embody our feminine essence. To live with fulfillment for the upliftment of all humanity.

What I share in this program has allowed me to live a deeply fulfilling life in alignment with my divine purpose.


What I want for you:

To lay a foundation of self-love. To deepen connection to the divine. To live beyond fear and share your gifts.

To know you are worthy and free.

You are a sovereign queen.

In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, coaching and leading online programs for the last four years, I've led an international women's leadership retreat in Bali, Indonesia and am about to publish my first book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India. 
You can learn  more about me at

Are you ready to join us? 

The Program is now full! Fill out the form below to be added to be the first to know about our next circle.

When you request more info you will receive the program guide and have the chance to set up a time to speak with me.

In service to you sharing your beautiful voice and gifts with the world.

With love,